Thai Train Sleeper Class 1

thailand train sleep class 1

Hello fellow travelers, today I will introduce you to Sleeper train class 1 for information in selecting train tickets.

Currently, sleeper trains will serve long distances such as Bangkok-Hat Yai / Bangkok-Chiang Mai / Bangkok-Nong Khai and other routes.

The first-class sleeper train inside 1 bogie has only 24 seats, divided into 12 rooms, 2 seats per room, and has a seat type to choose from, which is the upper bed and the lower bed with air-conditioned bogie.

The first class sleeper trains have the highest prices. But is popular with many travelers Because you can sit and lie down comfortably while traveling Especially those who like privacy while traveling, for example, only 2 people traveling can reserve seats in the same room.

While traveling on the train during the day, passengers sit together in the lower seat. And in the evening The staff will come to adjust the seat to be a mattress which has 2 floors: the lower and the upper floors. To allow passengers to sleep while traveling

Seat map, sleeper train class 1

Thailand sleeper train class 1

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