Classes of Train Tickets Thailand

First Class Train

All three cabin classes are configured to meet the various travelling needs of passengers. The first class emphasizes on comfort and is perfect for passengers who need more privacy. It features the First Class Sleeper Service with lockable rooms or compartments, and air conditioning. It is also equipped with a comfortable sofa that turns into a full-sized bunk bed, a shower in the shared toilet and a spacious area to store luggage. However, this option is only available on selected trains.

Second Class Train

The second class provides the option of either air conditioning or a normal fan. It is equipped with the bunk bed sofa, but without the locking feature. However, some of the second class cabins have curtains hung above the bunks to offer passengers more privacy while resting. Additionally, the attendants on overnight journey trains will provide food menus for passengers. Food can even be served to passengers at their respective seats.

Third Class Train

For the third class, the cabin is mainly used for shorter journeys. There is only fan seat in the third class train. Tickets for the third class are available at a cheaper price, as compared to the first and second class. However, do note that travellers are not guaranteed a seat in the third class.