Bangkok to Phitsanulok by Train

Phitsanulok Province is a destination for many travelers from Bangkok. Because Phitsanulok is a popular tourist city in northern Thailand. You can travel by train from Bangkok to Phitsanulok. There is a train service every day. Just buy a Northern Thailand train ticket. and start the journey from Bangkok at Hua Lamphong Railway Station.

Bangkok to Phitsanulok, a distance of 389 kilometers, takes about 6.30 hours by train.

Attractions in Phitsanulok Province
The city has many beautiful temples including :

  • Phra Si Ratana Temple (Wat Yai) Inside this temple, there is a beautiful large Buddha image. namely Phra Buddha Chinnarat
  • Wat Ratcha Burada Temple
  • Nang Phaya Temple (Wat Nang Phaya)

These temples are located in Phitsanulok. You can travel easily from the train station.

  • For interesting natural attractions in the Phitsanulok area include Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park / Thung Salaeng Luang National Park. which is very far from the city But if you are going to travel We recommend that you rent a car and drive around.

We recommend that you stay 1-2 nights in Phitsanulok to explore the city before going to other places.

From Phitsanulok, we recommend you to travel to Sukhothai Historical Park. It is an important tourist destination in Thailand. by bus Travel time is about 2 hours. Or choose to travel by train to Chiang Mai as the next destination.

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