Bangkok to Hatyai by Train

hatyai train station

The train from Bangkok to Hat Yai is a popular train route on the Southern Railway of Thailand. because Hat Yai is a large city. There are many people. Hat Yai City is located in Songkhla Province, which is a province that connects to Malaysia. When you travel to Hat Yai city You can take a train, bus, or van to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malaysia.

From Bangkok to Hat Yai, it takes about 18 hours by train, It depends on the type of train you choose to travel. with a distance of about 945 kilometers.

Sleeper train It is popular with travelers who choose to use the service the most on the route from Bangkok to Hat Yai. Because it is a long-distance journey. You can sleep on the train comfortably.

Popular Train from Bangkok to Hatyai

Train No. 31 is the newest train in Thailand on this route. It is the most popular sleeper train with travelers. is a special express train The train stops only at large train stations. Therefore, the journey from Bangkok to Hat Yai is faster than other trains.

Train timetable from Bangkok to Hat Yai

You can check the latest updated time from the online ticketing system.

Hat Yai Junction
31Special Express 14:307:25
45Special Express15:108:41
37Special Express15:108:41
41Special Express22:0513:22

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On the train from Bangkok to Hat Yai You will meet Islamic passengers on the train. Because of the southern area of ​​Thailand. Many people will practice Islam. They are dressed in Islamic clothing. There is a headscarf. It can be found everywhere on the trains from Bangkok to the southern provinces.

Hat Yai Railway Station

Hat Yai Railway Station It is a railway station in Songkhla Province. Located in Hat Yai City near the train station there are many shops, shopping Centers, and hotels.

In front of Hat Yai Railway Station, There is a large parking to serve travelers. And there is also a Robinson Hatyai trading center. You can walk around and buy products. While waiting to board the train.

Hat Yai Railway Station Map